You’ve stumbled across Paul Heinlein’s web homestead. As web sites go, it’s pretty modest, but it provides me a outlet for my dabbling with writing and web development.

A couple new developments have occurred recently. First, I’ve redirected all traffic to an encrypted connection. There are some pages on this site that have to do with network and data security, and readers of those pages may be considered subversive to some regimes. Encrypting the traffic raises the level of difficulty for anyone wishing to see what you're reading on this site. Second, I've started a blog; my initial post explains some of the reasons behind its existence.

I’ve written a few geek-ish articles. (Sure to be best-sellers!) Some praise songs are online, complete with guitar chords, in pretty HTML and plain text. I’ve started publishing HTML versions of some Bible studies I’ve written, and I’ve been keeping track of the books I read. You can even read about my thrilling bike route to work! Finally, there are some bits about this site.

Nearly all the HTML pages on this site come with an alternate stylesheet that’s more suitable for printing. If you want to print a hard copy of a page, try the printer-friendly layout link in the navigational menu near the bottom of the page.

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