Welcome to madboa.com

You’ve stumbled across Paul Heinlein's web homestead. As web sites go, it’s pretty modest, but it provides me a outlet for my dabbling with writing and web development.

As for what's here, I’ve written a few geek-ish articles. (These are sure to be best-sellers!) Now and again I post things that interest me to my blog. There are some bits about this site. The tags listing provides a thematic grouping of these writings.

Recent additions and updates

Nothing But the Blood of Jesus
Updated July 2, 2024
Lord's Prayer (It's Yours)
Updated July 2, 2024
What a Beautiful Name
Updated June 28, 2024
Build My Life
Updated June 28, 2024
Added June 26, 2024
About madboa.com
Updated June 18, 2024
Get Started with Ansible Foreman Modules
Updated May 29, 2024
OpenSSL Command-Line HOWTO
Updated May 3, 2024
Stricken, Smitten, and Afflicted
Updated March 29, 2024
Only King Forever
Updated March 29, 2024