Welcome to madboa.com

You’ve stumbled across Paul Heinlein's web homestead. As web sites go, it’s pretty modest, but it provides me a outlet for my dabbling with writing and web development.

As for what's here, I’ve written a few geek-ish articles. (Sure to be best-sellers!) Now and again I post things that interest me to my blog. You can read about (and now see!) my thrilling bike route to work. Finally, there are some bits about this site.

Recent additions and updates

Way Maker
Updated September 1, 2022
Good Good Father
Updated August 25, 2022
Do It Again
Updated July 27, 2022
God Is Able
Updated June 16, 2022
Raise A Hallelujah
Updated June 8, 2022
Paul Heinlein - Résumé
Updated June 7, 2022
I Lift My Eyes
Updated April 17, 2022
What A Beautiful Name
Updated April 14, 2022
Living Hope
Updated April 14, 2022
Forever (We Sing Hallelujah)
Updated April 12, 2022